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Pre-Hospital Care Scenario in Calicut Pre-Hospital Care is primarily to identify the intensity of the sickness of the patient and provide immediate appropriate preliminary care at the spot itself.The system will also transport the sick or dangerously injured victims safely to the nearest health care facility by providing required basic all advanced life support measures. The reported Pre-Hospital deaths, in various cases, in Malabar Institute of Medical Sciences Ltd., Calicut is 68 deaths in a year, the numbers in other major hospitals in the city may not be much in variance. In Medical College Hospital the number may be perhaps the double. Road accidents are the main culprit. According to NATPAC, a Governmental traffic and transportation research agency 2583 numbers of death occurred on the roads in 2009. Any how there are no two opinions that in all the above cases, if transported to the hospital in time and safely, the casualty would have been far less, may be 10 to 15% at the most. Ambulance The word Ambulance originally meant a moving hospital, which follows an army in its movement. But now it has come to mean a vehicle for transportation of sick or injured people to, from or between places of treatment for an illness and injury and in some instances will also provide out of hospital medical care to the patient. A well manned system of transportation of patients from the crisis point to the Nursing Hospital site is essential in an efficient ambulance service situation. In the present scenario of Calicut city, ¾ of the trauma patients are carried to the hospitals by Autos, Cars or by Vans. Ambulances are used, mainly, to transport the dead bodies from the hospitals. This practice is detrimental and not wholesome to desirable health care system. No care can be given to the patient while transporting in hired public vehicles. It can complicate the injuries; esp. those related to spinal cord, broken legs and bones. An ambulance equipped adequately to administer to the emergency medical needs of the patient is the right vehicle to transport the traumatically sick. In Calicut Metro, we have 117 ambulances, out of which more than 25 are appropriate vehicles, for Pre-Hospital Care System, like Traveler / Mazda, including 7 vehicles of higher end Mobile ICU standards. In calicut district more than 200 registered ambulances with more than 400 access numbers to contact and 90% are not equipped to transport sick or injured patients


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