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Transportation Guidelines

1.Trauma victim or acutely ill patient shall be transported invariably to the nearest health care centre available, unless mother wise instructed.

2.If patient requests to be transported to a specific health centre, it shall be complied.

3.In the case of any confusion regarding patient management or transport decision, the decision of the medical board shall prevail.

4.Team of Medical board will be accessed by a single contact number.The service is round the clock and penel include committed experts from the field of acute care medicine.

5.Angels drivers and EMCT staff should wear uniform and ANGELS id cards when involving patient care

6.All transportions to Private hospitals are chargable with the prevailing rates.

7.All transportions to Goverment hospitals and Goverment Medical colleges should be done at a subsidized rate .The charges should be less tahn 75% of routine rates.

8.All unkown patients should be transported free of cost.

Medical Board

There shall be a minimum of 5 members of Doctors socially committed / dedicated / willing for the purpose of

i.planning and implementation of training

ii.selection of Staff, Paramedics etc. sort out the medically related issues give necessary medical advice / direction to Paramedics and Ambulance assistants as and when required.

v.medical board should meet monthly or as needed

Special Notes :

Angels is promoting the prompt transport of trauma victims and sick patients from scene or home to nearest healthcare facilities with required pre-hospital care.

In the event of disasters , all the member vehicles should involve in the transporting system of victims and should support the Government system as effectively as possible


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